Almanac 10.4.04

50 years ago

October 5, 1954
Initial plans for a new fraternity quadrangle were announced following meetings between the 12 fraternities and the Institute. The meetings were used to gauge the organizations? feelings on what the buildings should include. The first plans included four buildings, housing one fraternity each, to be located along Forbes Street west of Devon. These buildings were merged into a pair of duplexes before construction began and were later joined by the other pair of duplexes on Morewood.
25 years ago

October 2, 1979
WRCT hosted an open forum on the topic of cheating. Faculty and notable community members were invited to discuss causes and solutions to cheating and plagiarism. Professors Cliff Davidson and Hugh Young noted that instructors provide great temptation to cheat provided such as reusing assignments from previous years and promoting competition between students, but ultimately agreed that the final burden is on the student to resist it. Davidson also expressed his feeling that some students were spending more time studying cheating methods than studying the subject matter.
10 years ago

October 3, 1994
Two CIT students were taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic after a fight. The fight started on the fraternity quad and quickly proceeded to the middle of Forbes Avenue, where the participants blocked cars and shouted obscenities at each other and drivers. Eventually they moved to the Cut where CMU police were finally able to stop them. The police were accused of arresting the two students on racially motivated grounds, but Police Chief LaPaglia disputed that claim.

5 years ago

October 4, 1999
Faculty Senate?s Human Relations Commission undertook a study to determine whether same-sex domestic partners of University employees should be eligible for the same benefits as spouses of University employees. They claimed that their goal was to balance the mutually exclusive tradition and equality. The study looked at institutions around the country, but ultimately decided that the decision must come from within. At the time of the study, it was unknown how many staff members would have partners eligible for inclusion if the benefits were extended. Eventually, benefits were extended to nontraditional partners.

1 year ago

October 6, 2003
Student Senate rejected a plan for the University to join the United States Student Association (USSA), the nation?s largest political lobbying group for students. The petition to join USSA, which had the required signatures, was presented to Senate, who debated the action before rejecting it by a vote of 9?12 with a single abstention. The proponents of the organization cited the good they had done for students, such as reducing restrictions on international students and raising the value of a Pell Grant. Opponents claimed that the referendum was in violation of Senate bylaws that prohibited Senate funding of political organizations.