The past week for the Carnegie Mellon men?s soccer team has been tough and disappointing, with a loss against the Penn State Altoona Lions on Wednesday night, 0?1, and a tie last Sunday against the Washington University (Mo.) Bears, 0?0.
Wednesday, the Tartans traveled to Altoona to find themselves up against the highest?skilled team they have competed against all season. The first half passed with no goals scored for either team. In the 77th minute, Lion forward Bryan Pierzga scored against Tartan senior goalkeeper Dave Thomas, making it the game-winning goal of the night. The Tartans left Altoona 5?1, destroying any chance for an undefeated soccer season.
Tartan junior Dan Mastalski received the sole yellow card of the night in the 40th minute. Neither team was caught offside, proving that the Tartans improved from last week?s nine calls offside. The Tartans outshot the Lions 19?1. Ironically, the single shot attempted by Lions all night won the game for the Penn State team.
Yesterday, the Tartans hosted the Bears, to find themselves dead tied against them. Both 45-minute halves passed intensely, with foul after foul, with no goal scored by either team. Following the halves, two 10-minute sudden-death overtime periods occurred, with still no goal scored by either team. Anger flared at two points in the game, when both senior forward James Steidel and midfielder Mastalski had a run-in with Bear midfielder Josh Farber. The referees let both incidents slide, with no foul or card given to any of the three players involved. The Tartans exit this game 5?1?1, and the Bears leave Tartan territory 7?2?1.
On Tuesday, Jonathan Browne was honored by the UAA as one of the Athletes of the Week. Browne?s award was earned by his performance in the games against Point Park University and Oberlin College. The Tartans defeated both of those teams 6?0 and 2?1, respectively. Browne scored five of the eight total goals scored between these two games. Thus far this season, Browne has scored 11 goals, surpassing his cumulative record from the 2003 season and is currently the Division III leader in goals per game (2.2).
On Saturday the Carnegie Mellon soccer team will play away against the University of Chicago Maroons.