The Red Sox won it and nobody can take it away

The last time a newspaper reported that the Red Sox would win the World Series, Johannes Gutenberg decided it wasn?t newsworthy and put it below the fold. A World Series victory is the greatest thing since sliced bread, which, for the record, was invented after the next most recent time the Red Sox won the Series.
In all honesty, I was not sure that this would ever happen in my lifetime. I had gotten my hopes up at the beginning of the playoffs, thinking this would be the year, yet I knew, just like every other Red Sox fan, that hoping was merely part of the game. In classic baseball fashion the Sox would get close, the Yankees would knock them around, the Sox would pull close and then lose it at the end.
Yet something amazing happened: the Sox forgot how to lose. It was like watching a gambling addict bet his life savings on a roulette wheel and win.
This is how the curse had to end: The Sox had to beat the Yankees and in style. As important as the World Series was, we knew that if the Sox didn?t beat the Yankees, a championship would somehow be hollow. Yet the actual game 7 of the ALCS and the final three games of the World Series lacked much drama as far as baseball goes.
Yet there were two games being played simultaneously every evening with only one of them on the field. The other game was between the Red Sox Nation and baseball history, with this game as close as they get.
This is why every Red Sox fan acts like he plays a part in the team?s success. Somehow the Red Sox were able to take on history, look it straight in the eye, and beat it. Having superheroes like Curt Schilling on your team doesn?t hurt either.
It is nearly impossible to describe what it feels like to win this game against history. For so long Red Sox fans have watched and hoped, never giving up hope, and as soon as the Sox would lose we would tell each other to just wait another year.
For decades Red Sox fans have found the ability to hope, have found the ability to find joy in a team that has done nothing but break their hearts. They remained our team through thick and thin and we continued to believe in them despite knowing that we would never see the day when the Sox won it all. Somehow the Red Sox Nation found something worth believing in. This is about more than just baseball, this is about the human spirit finding the hope to keep on dreaming.
I woke up Thursday morning and the Red Sox were World Series champions. I never thought that would happen; I kept thinking that it would be cancelled. like Florida on election night 2004. I still can?t quite believe that it happened and nobody can take this one away.