Letter to the Editor - DTD

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This letter is in response to [?Delta Tau Delta damages both house and reputation,? 11/8].
I regret any ill effects the actions taken by some DTD brothers had on the CMU community, as the University and Student Life have been very supportive of the chapter in this difficult time, but The Tartan portrayed the events inaccurately and out of context. The actions taken by some brothers were not aimed at the University; if anything they were aimed at DTD National. No one should pass judgment on the DTD brothers without first trying to understand their situation: someone they didn?t even know forced them out of their home, and they could only watch as their letters were taken down.
I am upset that erroneous information was presented as factual in the article. Hammers were not used to damage the chapter house and the Campus Police were not dispatched. I am further disappointed that the Editorial Board did not contact anyone from DTD National, active brothers, alumni, or the CMU administration. Had it done so, the Board would have known that the major reason for removing Delta Tau Delta from CMU?s campus was that DTD National disapproved of CMU?s policies regarding fraternities and did not believe that our campus was a safe place for a DTD chapter. The Tartan must make it more clear that pieces such as the DTD article are strictly opinion-based editorials and that they are written by the Editorial Board, so they are less likely to be perceived as factual.
The Tartan has never given the Greek community the positive press it deserves. I have read articles with false information, hearsay, and rumors simply to attract readers; the consequences are continual negative impressions of the chapters on CMU?s campus. The fraternities and sororities on CMU?s campus raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for charity each year, perform countless hours of community service, and provide an invaluable social outlet for the entire campus. Unfortunately, The Tartan ignores these positive aspects of the Greek community, and instead focuses on the few mistakes that our Greek organizations make.

Joe Grause ?04
Delta Beta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta