Greek town hall meeting discusses new policies

Last Thursday a Greek town hall meeting was held in Doherty 1112 to address current concerns in the Greek community.
The topics on the agenda included University Disciplinary Committee (UDC) guidelines and actions, future changes to be considered in the Greek community, and current disciplinary and organizational problems in the fraternities and sororities. The council addressed issues regarding self-governing and self-policing in the houses, focusing on the recent rash of alcohol-related incidents. The UDC announced that two houses must begin to implement a ?dry? policy: one house for one semester, and the other for two years. Enforcement tactics of the dry policy include having police officers visit the respective houses seven days a week, four to six times a day. The houses will pay a $320 stipend per week to supplement the officers?
Several Greek students also brought forward a request for Student Life to take a more constructive role in the Greek community, rather than intervening solely as a disciplinary body.
?Students at the town hall meeting asked for more proactive forums similar to the town hall meeting, and Student Life will take the responsibility to make sure the opportunities are provided in the future,? stated Renee Camerlengo, director of student life. According to Camerlengo, members of the Greek community also pushed for more resources and education on national risk management policies.
?Both members of the administration [and] Greek students accepted responsibility for separate weaknesses in the current Greek system,? said Greek Council President Erin Weber, a senior design and psychology major. ?Both sides further agreed on the importance of collaborating in the process of writing a relationship statement to define the roles and expectations of both parties. I am happy to say a task force composed of Greeks, faculty and staff is currently being gathered with the goal of writing such a relationship statement.?
?I believe the University is continuing to ask the Greeks to live by their stated values,? said Camerlengo. ?The Greek community has all the elements to be incredibly successful, including talented members, University, national, and alumni resources, and the infrastructure to support self-governance.?
?There have been some very significant steps taken by Greek Council, IFC, and Pan-Hellenic this fall and there is a large and diverse working group having discussions and doing research to identify what would help our community achieve what we all know it is capable of achieving. These students are to be commended.?
Other speakers at the meeting included current Greek Leadership Housefellows Damian Dourado and Monica Bebie.