Summit program offers students eclectic classes

From January 6 to 8, Carnegie Mellon University faculty, staff, and students will have the opportunity to take classes not typically offered at Carnegie Mellon. This opportunity is presented by a new student program called Summit.
Roger Ma, a fifth year senior in the Business Administration and Economics program, started Summit as part of his Fifth-Year Scholar project. According to the Summit web page, the goal of the program is to ?[provide] students with a vibrant opportunity to explore a variety of personal interests without limits.?
The program, named Summit because it takes place at the ?pinnacle of the academic year,? is open to Carnegie Mellon students of
all years.
Ma said, ?The vision was to create a program where Carnegie Mellon students could learn about a variety of topics which they may not have an opportunity to during the academic year. Ultimately, I wanted to create a program that allowed students to learn, experience, and grow in an exciting environment free from the tremendous pressures present in the regular academic year.?
?Basically, we just thought of classes we would personally like to take,? said Nick Deangelis, a sophomore in business administration and one of Summit?s organizers. Among the forty classes offered during Summit will be ?The ?Perfect? Medical School Applicant,? ?How to Be a Player: Relationship Tips from a Master,? ?Spice It Up: Hot Salsa Techniques,? ?UFO Sightings and Other Strange Events of Pennsylvania,? and ?Furniture Making: Save Yourself a Trip to Ikea.? Students are also offered classes on self-defense, cooking, handwriting analysis, massage therapy, and a variety of other topics.
Classes will be taught by Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, staff, and outside professionals who have been invited to teach by Ma and his co-organizers.
?Not only will this be an enriching opportunity for participants of Summit, but it will also be an exciting time for instructors to experiment with different methods of teaching and to explore different topics of study,? said Ma.
Deangelis agreed, saying, ?I?ll be happy with personal growth and community.?
All course descriptions and time listings for classes are available on the Summit website,
Registration for Summit is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be accepted until December 3; the cost of registration is $26.