Best Human Preview

by Isabel Gardocki
Junior Staffwriter

?You have always known that you were good ? or maybe even better ? but have you ever suspected that you were the best overall, out of everyone?? asks the Best Human contest?s web page. Those who suspect so may be crowned Best Human in a competition that will take place at 6:30 pm on Saturday in the Connan Room of the UC.
?Best Human is a pageant that builds up humanity rather than breaking it down,? said Ryan England, one of the organizers of the event and a junior in civil and environmental engineering and engineering and public policy. ?It brings different aesthetics, world views, and values together in a competition that is fun and friendly.?
According to England, rather than ?judging only men or affirming women who conform to a Western concept of beauty,? Best Human seeks ?to make the point that people of all different types are beautiful and all sorts of things make them that way, while poking fun at conventional pageants and their proceedings.?
Contestants will be tested on intelligence, creativity, survival skills, and hunting and gathering ability, all under the watchful eyes of a panel ?composed of experts and professionals best able to discern the characteristics of the Best Human,? explains Joshua Halipern, a junior in computer science. According to Halipern, unlike typical beauty pageants there will be no ?shallow people? answering ?superficial questions.?
The winner will be given a crown and all other participants will be awarded prizes. The Best Human will then move on to represent all of humanity in the Best Mammal contest.
Every member of the CMU community is eligible to participate, but an application must be filled out beforehand. These applications can be picked up at the Information Desk of the University Center or submitted electronically through A briefing session will be held for all contestants this week to inform them of the schedule and procedure of the evening.
First-year SHS student Ashleigh Molz says that she supports the Best Human competition because it ?points out the ridiculousness of beauty pageants and how appearance-oriented they are.?
Junior computer science major Latika Kirtane agrees, saying that potentially more meaningful qualities such as ?personality and intelligence? are ignored.
The event is organized by the Neville Cooperative and the Women?s Center. Organizations such as WRCT, KGB, ALLIES, Amnesty International, Sustainable Students, and EARTH will also be contributing to the competition.