Lacrosse team now two for two with most recent win

On Sunday, through intermittent bursts of blinding snow and gusting wind, the men?s lacrosse team played its second game of the season against Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), winning 10-9. CMU started off to an early lead of 6-0 in the first quarter, retaining possession of the ball nearly the entire period. However, IUP answered back in the second quarter and brought the halftime score up to 6-5.
"We definitely came out strong," said senior Josh Eisenberg. "Coming into the second quarter they had five unanswered goals, and we just tried to get ourselves together at half time. We came out stronger in the second half."
The last half of the game proved to be trying for both sides. The broken plays and unanswered points that marked the first half of the game made way for a much cleaner, more competitive, and most of all a closer second half.
At the end of the third quarter the score was tied at seven. The game went point for point from there, until, at a score of 9-9, with 11 seconds remaining, first-year Rick McMullen scored a final point to win the game.
Sophmore Kerem Aksoy admitted that the weather caused trouble on both sides. "[The snow] made it really tough for the goalies to see the ball, and it was definitely harder to move in the cold."
McMullen and first-year Naotomo Gibson proved to be central players in the game, each scoring four points. The remaining two points were scored by sophomore Alex Knecht and junior Ed Wong.
"I was just in the right place at the right time," said Gibson. "I think anyone in the 'tack [attack group] would've done what I did."
"They weren't hogging the ball, they were just getting the shots," said teammate Chris Broglie, a first-year student.
Commenting on his expectations for the rest of the season, Aksoy said, "IUP won our division last year, so I think we've got a pretty good chance. We've got much better leadership this year, and some solid freshmen. We could go far."