Kent began his tale slowly and purposefully. ?About a hundred and fifty years ago, our ancestors were fed up with how the pond was being governed. One duck in particular especially hated the way things were being run. He tried to mind his own business, but the other ducks would disrupt his attempts at a peaceful life.? Kent?s voice had an apocalyptic tone. ?Finally, this duck decided to do something about the atrocities going on in the pond. He and some of his compatriots decided to form a secret society. They called themselves ?The Whales.? ? Kent whispered these last two words as if they were too sacred to even be uttered. An inopportune crack of thunder made them both jump. Kent looked around nervously and then continued. ?There was a reason they decided to name their group ?The Whales.?? Rupert nodded and leaned forward in his chair, eager to hear the rest of Kent?s story. ?Their leader had a very unique marking under his tailfeathers. And, if I am not mistaken, I saw the very same mark on your bottom when you leaned over to pick up some soap in the shower last week.?