Crime and Incident

Angry Father, 3/20/04, 9:50 pm ? A father was visiting his son?s fraternity house, and felt that music was being played too loudly in one of the rooms. When the father asked two brothers to turn the music down, they refused. The father and son confronted the two males in a verbal argument. The son stated to the males that if they weren?t at college on a scholarship, they would be at a different school. The males took this as a disrespectful comment towards their families? financial situation. At this point, one of the males left the room and returned with a bottle of vodka. He had his middle finger extended and said, ?What are you going to do? Sue me you fucking Jew?? The father phoned the Campus Police, and filed a complaint against the fraternity.

Sick in the Bathroom, 3/21/04, 1:32 am ? A Carnegie Mellon security guard reported to an officer of an individual inside the men?s room of the University Center basement. He had been in the bathroom for about 45 minutes inside a stall. The officer went to check on the man, and asked if he wanted the services of CMU EMS. The man said no, and he had an upset stomach. The man was seen leaving the stall and heading towards the fraternity quad.

Medical, 3/21/04, 1:55 am ? A resident assistant at Hamerschlag House phoned the Campus Police to report an intoxicated male. The victim was found sitting on the edge of his bed, who complained he was not feeling well. He refused to answer any questions regarding where he was drinking or how much alcohol he had consumed. The victim?s roommate told the officer that he was worried, since he was found lying in bed with his mouth hanging open, refusing to wake up. The victim was not issued a citation due to amnesty.

Forced Entry at Wean Hall, 3/21/04, 11:37 pm ? An employee at Wean Hall?s Operations Department called Campus Police stating that he could see five to six males attempting to gain entry into a secured area. The males were using a butterfly knife to pick a lock. They were described as college age, of Asian, Caucasian, and Indian descent, and carrying computer equipment. Officers investigated the area and found the males matching this description. They were asked why they were trying to get into the area, and one of the males responded, ?It just looked easy.? They were identified as Carnegie Mellon students and charged with criminal mischief.

Stolen Wallet, 3/23/04, 9:12 pm ? An officer was dispatched to the information desk at the University Center for a theft report. A Carnegie Mellon graduate student stated that his wallet had been stolen. He arrived at Skibo Gym and placed his jacket on a hook near the weight room door. After his workout, he checked his jacket for his wallet, and discovered that it was missing. The wallet contained $30, a Chase MasterCard, a National City debit card, a Carnegie Mellon ID card, and a Pennsylvania driver?s license. The student was told to report to the police if any unauthorized charges appeared on his accounts.

Drugs, 3/26/04, 9:33 pm ? A resident assistant on the second floor of Resnik called Campus Police about an odor of marijuana. Two officers responded and investigated one of the suites on the floor. They smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. They knocked on the door and a male answered. At this point the officers observed movement from the bed, beneath the covers. They told the male to get the person out of the bed. The person was identified by the male as his girlfriend, and they both stepped out of the room. They admitted to smoking marijuana and were charged for disorderly conduct.

Public Drunkenness, 3/27/04, 6:01 pm ? Campus Police received a call for several individuals drinking on the porch of a fraternity house. When the officers arrived on scene, there were four persons holding cups of beer. A check of two males showed that they were over 21. The other two females verbally told the officers that they were over 21, but left their IDs in a car. The officers told the females to retrieve their IDs, which later revealed that they were underage, and had lied to the officers. They were cited for underage consumption. Later, the officers were approached by a male who disagreed with the citation of the females. He continued to loudly question the officers and smelled of a strong alcohol odor. After a verbal debate, the male was issued a citation for public drunkenness.