Compubookie Reveals All

Another year, another Raceday, another one of my articles telling you who is going to take home the trophies from this year's Sweepstakes competition. 2004 is going to be a big year for Sweepstakes, with a couple new organizations jumping into the ring, and a few old ones making big leaps to push into the top three. This year's raceday is bound to be intense.

Rounding out Day Two for the women, should it happen, will be Pioneers A: mediocrity in its finest. SigNu has had a strong showing out at rolls this year, and we can expect their women to be rolling into fifth. Though their rolls are strong as ever, their women aren't showing the muscle it would take to finish in glory. PiKA A went from an amazing 15 second record in 2002 to a depressing 2:45 last year, making just about the most drastic and depressing drop from one year to the next that this bookie has ever seen. A jump back up won't be as easy as their horrid fall. The PiKA women should cover up and get used to a spot out of the top three.

Finishing with a bronze will be SDC A. This year ought to show some stiff competition between the top three, and SDC hasn't shown that their pushers have what it's going to take to take out one of the top two. Though Fringe may have hopes for another sweep this year, their women aren't going to have what it takes to make this happen. Putting out some of the best buggies on the course, and recruiting a full squad of strong women will bring them into second. Fringe, though, will not have the power to take out last year's brakes-challenged dark-horse women, Beta A. With a window of over 3.5 seconds in the field last year, and returning strength behind a new buggy, there is nothing in this year's field that will hold this group down. Should their mechanics stay sober enough to figure out how to make a buggy stop, these medals are as good as in the pockets of the Beta women.

Onto the men's competition. The field this year is looking more intense than last, and the top ten organizations will show it. Just squeezing into day two of the mens competition will be Pioneers A. CIA this year will use its retractable pushbar technology to blast up into ninth place. This organization seems to be very happy with its internal goal of making the second day, and though they are one of the largest organizations in buggy, they never seem to be able to make it much higher than this.

Though dismissed by many, one can always expect to see PiKA B on day two. No one can deny the PiKA dominance historically in this competition, and with excellent buggies and a crowd of pushers, this year, like most, their B team will be able to top a good amount of organizations' A teams, coming in at eighth place. One would think that a house which got second place in intramural competitions and contained a multitude of track runners would be able to secure a spot in the top ten, but last year KDR surprised us by redefining "lackluster" with their dual 15th and 16th place finish. Assuming they replaced whatever trained monkey was in charge of their buggies last year, it would be hard for KDR not to make the top ten with the push team they can provide. Though this is an organization on the rise, this rise won't go higher than seventh. The former champs of buggy, and holders of the course record, ought to be happy with their sixth place finish this year. With their numbers dwindling year by year, Spirit has been consistantly dropping in the rankings recently. Sleek buggies and great atheletes should bring this organization into sixth, but no higher.

The boys of the zoo will finish in fifth. With the first new buggy in god-knows-when, and a fire under them after dropping from third to sixth, SigNu A will bring good competition to this year's field. Uphills have always been the problem for these guys, having great freeroll times, but they could replace their pushers with a junior high track team, and jump three positions easily. The zoo won't settle for less than fifth this year.

Finishing in fourth will be Fringe A ... I mean SDC A ... with a Fringe buggy. Their new machine looks like it was cut from the same mold as the Fringe champions, and their constantly good pushers should shove them into fourth. SDC has shown this year that they have a drive to become a force in this competition, and though this won't be their year, they will be a team to watch in the near future. Returning to some of their past glory, and finally performing up to their athletic ability will be the gentlemen of Beta A. Being more consistent out at rolls this year, as long as they can make it past their hangovers and brake issues, the Betas will end up ahead of a lot of organizations who don't want to welcome a new player into the lead circle. A third-place men's finish will compliment their womens victory very nicely.

Now, I must admit, I have been wrong recently in predicting my big winner. Some of you may have noticed this. This year, I am not as shaky on my prediction. Three-peats are hard. PiKA A is up for one this year. Winners get comfortable in a throne, and don't realize what it takes to stay there. With a new buggy coming out too late to make a mark, and a generally hectic attitude out at rolls, the old champs haven't shown the dedication it would take to bring their streak to the third level. Nonetheless, PiKA will not be an organization we will see out of the top two for some time coming, which leaves us with SigEp A....

Fringe A will be a surprise if its not carrying the trophy away from awards ceremony. The mechanical team of Fringe is doubtlessly the most "on top of their game" in this years field, and they have never had trouble pulling together a grade A push team. Proven buggies, proven pushers, Fringe will roll into the top spot. It takes a fire to win this contest, and after living in the shadow of PiKA for too long, Fringe is ready to establish themselves as the force to be reckoned with.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will see you at the races, though you won't see me.

Womens' Rankings:
1. Beta A
2. Fringe A
3. SDC A
4. PiKA A
5. SigNu A
6. Pioneers A

Mens' Rankings:
1. Fringe A
2. PiKA A
3. Beta A
4. SDC A
5. SigNu A
6. Spirit A
7. KDR A
8. PiKA B
9. CIA A
10. Pioneers A

The Field
AEPi: Win or lose, we don't booze.
KDR: Watch out for passing B teams.
Fringe: Too Swift for the competition.
Kappa: Best looking CIA push team ever.
SDC: Stealing their way into fourth.
Pioneers: If a Pioneer buggy finishes in the top ten, and no one is there to see it, will anyone care?
SigNu: If only the zoo had faster animals.
PiKA: Don't count your chickens before they 'hatch.'
Beta: Look for Beta to beat up their competition.
Spirit: Bent axles. Broken dreams.
CIA: At least your drivers cheer for you.
PhiKap: Now that you have finished, quit while you're ahead.
SigEp: The enormous engine that couldn't.