Carnival Almanac

50 years ago

18 May 1954 ? Several new events were introduced during Carnival. Among them was the egg toss, a challenge for faculty competing by department. The department of psychology won the event, throwing their egg 85 feet before it broke, but the department of history had the most interesting toss of the day, cracking open a fertilized egg apparently only days away from the end of gestation.

25 years ago

24 April 1979 ? The year's Buggy races were plagued by a series of bad accidents despite a relatively dry course. The only accident seriously affecting the standings in the races was a collision between two buggies after a CIA buggy spun out of control just ahead of a PiKA buggy in the middle of the Chute. Additionally DU's buggy had steering problems which caused it to collide with the Bigelow monument on Schenley Drive.

10 years ago

18 April 1994 ? Strong winds and an electrical storm overshadowed the year's Carnival activities destroying several booths and forcing other organizations to prematurely dismantle theirs. Music and comedy events started outdoors, but the lightning storms quickly moved those acts into Skibo where they continued for the remainder of the weekend.

5 years ago

19 April 1999 ? With the theme for Carnival designated as children's stories, DU took first place with its "Where's Waldo" booth featuring a large-scale search for the wool-clad character and doctored pictures of Waldo with world leaders. Second place went to PhiKap with their representation of L. Frank Baum's city of Oz.

1 year ago

14 April 2003 ? The Tartan interviewed comedian Dave Attell following his appearance in the main event tent on Midway, where he endured intoxicated audience members. Attell opined on Pittsburgh, alcohol and his Comedy Central show Insomniac.