Dirty Weekend reunites for Carnival show

After weeks of hype, on a sun-soaked Saturday afternoon, accompanied by huge pink and green ?DW? letters, scantily-clad women, and a toilet, Dirty Weekend prepared to rock the main stage ? and wound up fighting for their right to party.

CMU student band Dirty Weekend featured Pete Borrebach, a senior music and English major, on guitar; Nick Marino, a senior creative media studies and interdisciplinary design and art major, on bass; and Brett Leber, a junior technical writing and communications and human-computer interaction major, on drums.

Dirty Weekend broke up over two years ago, according to their website, but reunited for this show (sans former rhythm guitarist Matt Meurer).

There had been a lot of anticipation surrounding the show. Posters cryptically announcing ?2004 DW? and giving a website of a fake CNN report called ?Astronomers spy ?planetoid,? acknowledge cause as Dirty Weekend,? had been put up around campus since before spring break.

To promote the event, said Marino, ?I ran around campus in my underwear with signs.? The band also had a table in the University Center for several days before the event, where they gave out CDs.

The band had a contract that stated that their time slot was from 4 to 5:15 pm. Marino said he deliberately chose the time slot before the awards show because they would ?have a lot of kids out there.?

?It took us a long time to get everything on stage,? said Marino. After getting their set ready, the band warned the crowd that their show might not be appropriate for small children.

?It was a big concern for us,? Borrebach said afterward. ?We didn?t want to offend anyone with swearing.? The few families with young kids did get up and leave.

Then Josh Atlas, a junior art major, came up on stage and introduced himself as ?Dick Tepper, in the Dick Tepper tent, in the Dick Tepper Carnival, in the Dick Tepper parking lot. I paid 55 million dollars to get the world?s greatest rock band, Dirty Weekend, back together for one final show.? Atlas was accompanied by dancers Christine Malino, a senior biology and art major, and Kelly McLaughlin, a junior social and decision sciences major.

?Tepper? had ?a few stipulations? for the audience, including ?no politics? and ?no controlling ex-girlfriends.?

Dirty Weekend then launched into their high-energy set. Later, Borrebach spoke up again. ?Just a reminder, in case any children walk into the tent, you might want to walk out again,? he said.

During their third song, some friends joined them onstage for a food fight, which involved smashing a cantaloupe. ?Cantaloupe, you?re the fruit of the gods,? sang the band as bits of fruit flew across the stage.

At that point, around 5 pm, the band?s sound and power were cut. The band had nine more songs planned, including an acoustic set, they said afterward.

Officials gave conflicting reports as to why the band was kicked off. According to Anand Patel, the chair of the Carnival Power and Safety Committee, it was ?because Carnival Committee deemed the throwing of cantaloupes inappropriate and unsafe.?

However, Campus Police sergeant Bill Ricci denied that the cantaloupe incident had been a reason for pulling the band, and said that the band merely ?went over the allotted time for them to play.?

Borrebach smashed a keyboard on the ground in protest. His sunglasses were also broken when members of Carnival Committee swept them off the stage. ?I?m going to be talking to them about being reimbursed,? he said.

?I wasn?t angry so much as I was disappointed in the way they handled the situation,? said Marino. ?I filed a complaint with the police afterwards.?

After their power was cut, the band and their friends put on shirts with ?fuck you? handwritten on them, which they had made to be worn during another song. Marino sat on stage with his bass for a few moments, and afterward he said he had intended to sit on stage until their allotted time was actually up. But ?the police officer asked me very nicely if I could leave and we could discuss it,? said Marino. He left.

The audience protested Dirty Weekend?s departure, booing loudly and yelling ?Fascists!? and ?Bullshit!? Borrebach announced that Dirty Weekend would continue its show at a party that night, and they distributed fliers with the location to the audience.

Later, as promised, the band continued their set at a house party, including the long-anticipated song ?Lesbian Journal.? Introducing the song, Borrebach said, ?So Nick and I lived in the Donner dorm our freshman year in the basement. It sucked. A couple of girls lived on the third floor, and one of them did some things that she wasn?t very proud of and she wrote about it in her journal.

?So on November 13, she decided to burn her journal in the bathroom at 3 o?clock in the morning. And, well, she set off the fire alarm and we all had to go stand out in the cold at 3 o?clock in the morning on November 13, which blew. So we wrote this song about it and it?s kind of like our first hit, or our only hit, depending on who you talk to.? Then they launched into the song, which, as promised, featured ?hot chick-on-chick action.?

After Dirty Weekend?s set, fellow CMU student band Handface ? Jonathan Brodsky, a junior design major and self-titled ?senior Game Boy rocker,? and Alberto Almarza, a junior design major and drummer, (lacking only usual bassist Yann Seznec) plus guests ? joined them for an impromptu performance. Both bands had the audience dancing like mad.

Concertgoers were enthusiastic about both DW performances. ?It rocked my socks off,? said Laura Ellenburg, a first-year art major.

Editor?s note: Nick Marino is senior comics staff; Jonathan Brodsky, Josh Atlas, and Yann Seznec are comics staff; and Matt Meurer is photo staff for The Tartan.