Dirty Pretty Things
(Wednesday, 8, 10, and 12)

In what is perhaps the Coen brothers? finest film, William H. Macy plays Jerry Lundegaard, a bungling fool who wants to kidnap his wife for ransom money from her father. He fails, of course, and Frances McDormand as police captain Marge Gunderson investigates what really happens in a tale of murder, intrigue, and frozen tundra, doncha know.

(Thursday, 8, 10, and 12)

Bill (Jeremy Theobald) likes to follow people around London. Creepy! At one point, Bill follows Cobb (Alex Haw) who realizes what Bob?s doing and decides to teach him the fine art of breaking and entering. Creepier! Finally, Bob burgles an attractive woman for whom he gets the hots. Creepiest!

Cold Mountain
(Friday, 7, 10, and 1)

Inman (Jude Law), a soldier in the Confederate army, must make it home to North Carolina after being injured in the line of duty. He?s trekking back to see his sweetheart Ada (Nicole Kidman), who?s back home learning how to run a farm. Along the way, a deep, well-developed plot ensues.

The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King
(Saturday, 6:30, 10, and 1:30)

If you haven?t seen this movie yet, I feel sorry for you. It was the top-grossing flick of 2003, despite the fact that it debuted during the next-to-last week of the year. It?s nearly three and a half hours long. The extended edition on DVD will be some five hours long. Can you say ?epic?? Oh yeah, and it won some Oscars, too.

(Sunday, 8, 10, and 12)

In typical AB Sunday Films fashion, this is a Jean-Luc Godard movie where some French guy (Jean-Paul Belmondo) steals a car and runs off with his American girlfriend and shoots a police officer. They made a remake twenty years later, substituting Richard Gere for the French guy.