Remix: SPIRIT presents high fashion

From the streets of DC to the corners of Bed-Stuy, it remixes but it?s all the same/From the fields of Georgia to the shores of Ghana, those songs were all the same/From the Temples of Egypt to the classrooms of Howard, it?s all the same.

Every culture, every race, and every time period were united and jumbled together in ?Remix.? The fashion show was held by SPIRIT, whose members worked all year long coordinating, designing, and modeling.
On April 10, the Connan Room was packed with an enthusiastic audience that did not seem to mind squatting on the floor or standing on the sidelines to catch a glimpse of the show. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the music, the dancing, and the attitudes of every model. Over 60 men and women went down the runway that night, each wearing the patterns from one of over 16 designers.

The show started off with a solo sung by sophomore drama major Pa?Tina Miller, accompanied by Michael Anderson Davis, also a sophomore in drama, on guitar. She sang the poem written by Ashley Sherman, a junior drama major, and Omar Parris-Dione, a sophomore economics major. This poem introduced the theme of the night: ?We are all the same.? Regardless of sex, age, and race, people are all equal in their taste in clothing and trends. Every person can have style.

?There is nothing authentic to just one race or a certain type of person. We want to mix up everyday things ? take fashion from the past and combine it with our own,? said junior history major Yanikie Scarlett, one of the coordinators of ?Remix.?

There were four segments: Time Warp, Identity, Culture, and Sensations. Time Warp was distinct in the sense that it captured a lot of the Victorian era, during which women were voluptuous and refined. Libby Ashworth?s, a boutique in Shadyside, had its corsets featured in this section. There were designs from the ?20s, as well as futuristic designs.

The last segment, Sensations, was special because it incorporated the styles of selected designers that are students of Carnegie Mellon. Senior art majors Lauren Givens and Kristina Lazar, along with sophomore architecture majors Kim Long and May Sin, and electrical and computer engineering masters student Nere Emiko were the designers in Sensations. These designers used items such as balloons, matches, and posters to enhance the meaning of ?Remix.?
?In my designs, ?Remix? was about taking different elements and juxtaposing them so that they come out pleasing to the senses,? said Emiko. ?The idea was to show that things that you don?t think match can come together and be a celebration of unity.?

Other student designers included John Kim, a senior art and human-computer interaction major, and Shung Pak, a senior design major. The show also featured well-known brands such as Wet Seal, Rue 21, and Delia?s.

But the most exceptional element of the show was the models themselves. The audience saw all types of people command the catwalk with their own approaches to modeling. Some danced, some pranced, and some romanced with their sex appeal.

?The modeling experience was definitely entertaining for me because it was just more than wearing clothes: there was also a lot of dancing,? said Evelyn Kim, a first-year music major that modeled in ?Remix.?

SPIRIT has existed for 32 years and has held a fashion show every year since it was formed. Scarlett said that after the fashion show ends, the organization immediately starts to plan for the next one. After the designers and models are chosen, practices are held almost every other day for two to three hours.

?There were stressful and frustrating moments, as you can imagine, but all in all, it was a wonderful experience,? said Scarlett. ?The coordinators were dependable and I really appreciated their trust and cooperation. Honestly, ?Remix? would not have been anything if it weren?t for the talent and dedication of the models.?