Welcome to a midway for all ages:

Keeping with the Carnival theme ?To be a Kid Again,? the Midway came alive with colorful, whimsical booths this year. Every person who visited the Midway could walk around and see something that reminded him of his childhood.

Midway co-chair Shannan Brown, a junior in business administration, was very pleased with this year?s assortment. She said that participants came together ?to produce the best booths we?ve seen in years.? This was Brown?s first year on Carnival Committee and her first year as midway co-chair, but she has had intimate experience with booth through her involvement with her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.

?The judging criteria includes internal appearance, external appearance, originality, space planning, craftsmanship, adherence to carnival theme, organization's name integration, appeal to children and adults, and entertainment value,? said Brown. The game inside each booth is judged along similar criteria. Additionally, the judges evaluated each booth at night in terms of lighting, aesthetic appeal, and overall appearance.

The Alumni Association awarded fraternity Kappa Delta Rho?s treehouse-themed booth ?Best in Show.? According to KDR's booth chair Steve Kubinski, the tree itself took about 700 man-hours to complete. ?I wish I could pick out just one thing? that was most difficult, he said. Kubinski mentioned the aluminum flashing lining the interior of the treehouse as a major obstacle. Many brothers suffered gashes on their fingers and one even had to go to the hospital for stitches. In order to get the sod for the lower level of their booth, brothers went on a 12-hour trip to Ohio.

Brown and her midway co-chair, Fred Merkle, decided the Chairman?s Choice Awards with input from the rest of Carnival Committee. Criteria for these awards also include how the organization went about building their booth ? the awards go to ?the organization that has been most cooperative, helpful and compliant throughout the entire booth building process,? said Brown. This included practical procedures such as turning all forms in on time and maintaining midway watch shifts. Overall the recipients of the awards should be ?an easy team to work with and manage.?

The Astronomy Club earned the Chairman?s Choice award for best blitzbooth with a ?Space Invaders? theme. The members modeled their booth to resemble the computer game of the same name.

Kappa Kappa Gamma won the Chairman?s Choice award in the ?regular? category with their booth ?The Grinch.? According to sister Priyanka Goel, a junior in biological sciences, they spent ?multiple months? planning and gathering materials, having worked since winter break. The most difficult aspect of bringing their booth to life was constructing the booth?s complex curves in plywood.

Zeta Psi Sigma received the Chairman?s Choice award for having the most environmentally-friendly booth, called ?Where the Wild Things Are.? Co-chair Tiffany Pomarico cited trips to Goodwill and creation of the sorority?s own fire-proofing mixture as reasons for booth?s environmental recognition. The booth also featured a skylight to cut down on power consumption.

In the independent category, Fringe earned third place with ?Fringe Brite,? the Singapore Students? Association took second place with ?Birthday,? and the Asian Students Association won first with their ?Amazing Stories and Adventures? booth. Brandon Hsiung, a junior in electrical and computer engineering, and David Lee, a sophomore architecture major, served as booth chairs for ASA. According to ASA members Pedro Ferraz, a sophomore in business administration, and Elan Wong, a first-year design major, the students created approximately 30 characters from stories and fables. The figures were assembled from chicken wire, painter?s tape, and papier-m?ch? before being painted, dressed up, and placed inside.

For the sororities, Kappa Alpha Theta won third place with ?Winnie the Pooh,? Delta Gamma earned second with ?Camp Delta Gamma? and Zeta Psi Sigma came in first with ?Where the Wild Things Are.? Zeta Psi Sigma sister and booth co-chair Christy Berghausen, a senior in design, attributed the booth?s success to sisters? ?meticulous attention to detail? and excellent teamwork. Berghausen explained that the most difficult part of creating their booth was deciding on the structure since the theme was adapted from a book.

According to Delta Gamma sister Morgan Springer, a music sophomore, the hardest thing about constructing their booth was dealing with last week?s bad weather and lifting the giant mountaintop to form the roof of their booth. The sorority had four booth chairs, which worked out ?really well because each person is in charge of a different area,? Springer said. Serving as booth chairs were Emmy Sieg, a junior in SHS, Stacey Lee, a business administration sophomore, Lynne Riesselman, an architecture senior, and Lisa Yanz, a senior in design.
In the fraternity division, Delta Upsilon captured third place with their ?Peter Pan? booth, Phi Kappa Theta won second with a ?Disney? theme, and Sigma Phi Epsilon earned first with their ?SigEp Street? booth, a play on Sesame Street. Delta Upsilon won last year and its brothers were visibly disappointed at the award ceremony on Saturday. Brian McCarthy, a senior in architecture, and Jeff Horn, a junior in art, served as booth chairs for Delta Upsilon. Regarding the construction, DU brother Tarek Yamany, a computer science first-year, cited the cement tree as being the most challenging element of the booth, requiring more than 100 man-hours. They eventually used spackle and sheets in place of cement because the concrete kept sliding off.

Serving as booth chair for Sigma Phi Epsilon was Adam Clavelle, a junior in mechanical engineering. Brother Jonathan Lustgarten, a biological sciences senior, admired Clavelle?s dedication, saying that Clavelle worked for days on end to complete the winning booth. Lustgarten said that their booth ?was very balanced? in keeping with Sigma Phi Epsilon?s ideal of the balanced man. An excellent interior and exterior and the efforts of all the brothers came together for Sigma Phi Epsilon?s win.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon's and SPIRIT's booths were disqualified.

This year, for the first time, Mudge entered a blitz booth in the independent category titled ?Fort Mudge.? A committee of RAs and residents took charge of organizing construction. Mudge resident Eugene Hsia, a first-year in general H&SS, noted that ?weather was an issue,? adding that motivating people to work in the rain proved difficult. The tarp they put over the booth during construction filled with water and caved in, causing the wood to warp. The booth was essentially a box fort, with interior walls lined by boxes.

Another independent blitz booth, ?The Great Gumball Machine,? constructed by the Entertainment Engineering class, featured a ?golf ball rollercoaster.? According to Will Bosley, a masters student in entertainment technology and a student in the class, ?everything was a class decision.? He said that he was very pleased with the end result.

Brown was also pleased with all the completed booths.

?As midway chair it was a pleasure to watch the entire process of theme selection, plan submittal, move on, build week and teardown unfold,? she said. ?The booths this year were amazing and bigger and better than ever!"