ALMANAC 9.13.04

September 13

September 21, 1954

James Romualdi, a graduate student at Carnegie Tech, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for foreign study by the U.S. Department of State. Fulbright scholarships allow one year of paid study at a foreign institution of the recipient's choice. Romualdi, a student of civil engineering, chose to study at Karlsruhe, a technical institute in West Germany; he received three degrees from the Institute.

September 11, 1979

Director of Food Services John Eichmuller expressed optimism about the changes in the dining structure over the summer. The new system had six facilities, each independently run, offering varied choices and price structures. The changes were designed to allow for competition between the locations, which would improve the food quality while eliminating food waste. Several of the new plan's locations were flagging, but it was expected that they would become more popular as students adapted to the new system.

September 12, 1994

The Tartan reported on the crash of USAir Flight 427 north of Pittsburgh International Airport. The flight was headed from Chicago to Florida when it rolled and eventually nose-dived into the ground in Hopewell Township. The Boeing 737-300 was carrying 132 passengers, none of whom survived the crash. Among the victims was Edward T. Ryan, an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon and researcher for PPG Industries. At the time of The Tartan's report, the NTSB was still investigating the cause of the accident.

September 13, 1999

Carnegie Mellon unveiled its new home page known as "The Front Door," still in use. The hope was that the portal would be able to organize the almost 80,000 web pages on CMU servers. The designers claimed that the site was planned comprehensively and would not suffer the identity crisis that plagued the previous site. They also planned to work with CMU departments to plan their sites in concert with the University's. They said that the organization, and not the graphics, represented the most important changes. At the time, Carnegie Mellon's website was the sixth-most accessed among educational institutions.

September 15, 2003

An electrical and computer engineering graduate student was robbed of $50 and his watch when four then-unidentified juveniles threatened him with a toy gun. At the time, it seemed to him to be real, and was only determined to be fake after Campus Police apprehended three of the four assailants. The fourth, thought to be the leader of the group, was able to evade the police, though city and Pitt police were added to their search. The victim's money was returned to him. By the time of The Tartan's report, he had not recovered his watch. The suspects were taken to and detained at a city facility.