TURNTABLE: 6 Feet Under, IB

Internal Bleeding (with Six Feet Under, First Day Dead, and others) at The Eye

"Before we start, I just want to get across that I'm extremely right-wing in my views..." Jerry Lowe, vox — Internal Bleeding.

No kidding. Liberals, Michael Moore, John Kerry: none are safe from the spray of vocal ammunition spewing from Mr. Lowe, both on and off-stage. In a climate where stating a conservative viewpoint might sound the death knell for a mainstream musician, IB are the anti-Anti-Flag of aggro music. Imagine death-metal mixed with NYC hardcore, and you get an idea of
the furious hatred that is Internal Bleeding. Performing live, they need no pyro — the chugga-chugga death-core that emanated from the guitars of Matt Ferrara and Frank Buffolino were enough to ignite the small crowd. Mosh pits usually don't work with a crowd in the tens, but IB provided just the right anthems. Working in a few plugs for Bush and swings at Kerry in between songs, Lowe riled up the crowd into a fervor that was both shocking and awesome.

The consistency of the songs played, usually a mark against a band, worked in this setting if only to provide the background for the rage set forth. Consistency is not the only hallmark of this band, however. With a line-up that has finally settled into an equilibrium after years of flux (only the original drummer remains), this is a band built on strife and controversy.
Lawsuits, successful tours followed by the collapse of their record, all provide that it is "hatefuel" that powers the fury that is Internal Bleeding. I had the opportunity to chat with main man Lowe backstage, i.e. in the parking lot behind the venue, after their set.

Having helped to define the NYC sound, with its beatdowns and monster riffs, Lowe feels that "all the other [metal/death-core] bands now are just taking [their] sound. Doesn't matter to me, they can fucking have it — it's an honor. But what you hear now is what me and Suffocation [another seminal NY band] pioneered."

Almost a decade after the first time they went out Six Feet Under, IB find themselves in a similar position — new album about to be released, and poised once again for world domination. Surrounded by fans clutching worn out CD covers in the hopes of getting his name scrawled across the infamous band logo, Lowe sums up his view of America and the events of the last few years: "With America, we're not just a strong people, but we're also a busy people and with that we get forgetful.... We did bounce back, but (maybe) too good."

If you missed them this time around, you might get a chance this Fall to catch them with a renewed Suffocation. Get ready for the pit, yinz. If you want to know more of Jerry's views, contact him at jerryfromib@aol.com.

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