Crime and Incident

Disorderly Conduct
11 September 2004, 1:38

A resident in Donner House reported a male in the hallway beating on his door and threatening to assault him. The assailant was described as a white male with blond hair and wearing a green shirt.

Suspicious Person
12 September 2004, 1:47

A suspicious looking male was seen in the East Campus garage, and was described as wearing very little clothing.

Noise Complaint
12 September 2004, 7:00

Someone was reported playing a trumpet in the fraternity quad early Sunday morning.

Defiant Trespass
12 September 2004, 20:08

Two individuals were found doing tricks off of the railings outside the Tepper School of Business in Posner Hall.

14 September 2004, 13:45

A cell phone reported lost last Tuesday was found being used by a student. The student had originally found it and planned to turn it in, then decided to use it instead.

Theft of Vehicle
15 September 2004, 11:17

A suspicious looking male was found in a parked car near the Software Engineering Institute. He attempted to evade campus police on a bicycle. He was pursued down Dithridge Street towards Boundary Avenue, where a passing train prevented any further pursuit on the part of the police. Upon search nothing was found missing from the vehicle other than a bottle of soda. The owner of the vehicle has decided not to press charges. This is the second time the suspect has been seen in the area.

Suspicious Person
17 September 2004, 9:36

A man was seen trying to open vehicle doors in the back area of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, but subsequent searches for him on the surrounding streets were unsuccessful.

Motor Vehicle Accident
18 September 2004, 14:09

The complaintant reported that he hit an unknown individual on his bicycle. The individual then left the scene, and the complainant, afraid of being apprehended for a hit and run, called city police. They then referred him to campus police.