IM update


Intramural Director: Mike Mastroianni x8-2214 or mma8@
Assistant Director: Mike Grzywinski x8-2214 or immike@
Secretary: Amy Kiryk x8-2053 or kiryk@
IM Board President: Derek Ritchea dritchea@
Women's President: Kimberly Lackner kdl@

Important Dates
Wednesday September 22 ? IM Board Meeting in the Gym Conference Room at 12:30 pm.
Thursday September 30 ? Rosters due for Soccer, Racquetball, Foosball, and Volleyball due by 4:30 pm in the IM office.

Sports In Season
Flag Football ? The season started last week. Games are played Monday through Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons on the Stadium and IM Fields. Please stay off the fields during varsity sports practices. Schedules are available in the IM office.

Co-Rec Volleyball ? Games started last week. The teams consist of a minimum 3 women and 3 men. There are 3 women on the court at all times. Games are played at the UC Courts, 6:30--10:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Schedules are available in the IM office.

Tennis ? Games started Wednesday. The tennis intramural teams are 2 singles players and 1 doubles pair. There must be 4 players. Matches are played on the University Courts Monday through Thursday nights starting at 7 pm. Please wear proper athletic shoes: no boots or hard-soled shoes. Stay off the courts during varsity practice. Schedules are available in the IM office. In the event of rain, both teams must report a rain-out to the IM office within 24 hours.

Sports Upcoming
Water Polo ? Games are played in the dive well of the UC pool Monday and Wednesday nights, 9--11 pm. There are 5 players in the pool at one time. Play will start next week.

Bowling ? Matches are played near campus on Sunday afternoons. There are 4 bowlers per team. Play will start next week. Captains should have received an e-mail. Please respond by the date in the e-mail or you will not be included.

Tartan/Intramural Football Poll
Majors: 1. Beta Eagles 2. Steel City Ballers 3. SPIRIT Return of Endzone Dancers
Intermediate: 1. KDR A 2. Fuzzy Wuzzies 3. PiKA A 4. Theta Xi
Minors: 1. KDR B 2. HBB Flying Ferries 3. KUPC Predators 4. Sig Ep Little Giants 5. DUI
Women: 1. Hoopers CAB 2. Fresh Meat 3. Hoopers B 4. SPIRIT Women Football