Crime and Incident

Crime and Incident

Terroristic Threats
19 September 2004, 1:47

After a disturbance in the fraternity quad, a male student reportedly followed another student to his residence, making violent threats. There was no actual physical contact.

Fire Alarm
19 September 2004, 6:44

A large amount of smoke was reported coming from the rear of Sigma Alpha Epsilon?s house.

19 September 2004, 22:33

Two students in the Hill Dorms reported their wallets stolen from their unsecured dorm room. The amount of cash taken amounted to $110. Both wallets were later found, empty, between Boss and McGill Houses.

Motor Vehicle Accident
20 September 2004, 9:06

The complainant reported that her car was struck while she was parking in the East Campus garage. She was able to exchange information with the other driver involved.

20 September 2004, 17:38

Students were reported to be dropping water balloons out of windows in Morewood Gardens E Tower onto passersby in the Morewood Gardens courtyard. It is unknown what room or floor the balloons were coming from.

Motor Vehicle Accident
21 September 2004, 16:27

A runner in Schenley Park was hit by a car and was reported to be bleeding from the head. The police and EMS were notified, and the victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for the injury.

22 September 2004, 10:50

A student was found using an ID card that had been stolen from another student earlier in the day.

23 September 2004, 8:10

A smell of smoke was reported in the Cyert computing cluster. Investigation revealed that the smell was related to a compound being used in the re-roofing of nearby buildings. The air conditioning was turned off in several buildings in the area after repeated complaints.