50 years ago

April 26, 1955

Twelve campus sororities prepared campaigns for the title of Carnival Queen. Sorority women were making posters, creating costumes, and choreographing dances in preparation for the elections. Some campaigns included Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters wearing yellow rain slickers for a week regardless of the weather; Chi Omega?s ?Wild-West? campaign, in which sisters walked around with fake guns; Sigma Kappa?s pirate theme, in which sisters dressed as pirates; and Delta Delta Delta?s theme of ?suit your fancy with Marilyn and Nancy,? in which sisters acted like the sophisticated woman for a week.

25 years ago

April 22, 1980

Carnegie-Mellon University raised tuition by $700. The Tuition Committee, which consisted of faculty and staff, presented their findings to a group of student leaders and President Cyert. Cyert supported the hike, believing that ?some people judge a school by the tuition,? and that raising tuition would raise the prestige of Carnegie-Mellon. This would appear to be one of the first instances of an administrator?s publicly stating this belief, and it remains unclear whether or not people knew of this decision when they chose to name a building after him.

10 years ago

April 24, 1995

Student Senate violated its own bylaws by failing to publish a list of organizations requesting funding. The Student Senate bylaws required that Senate publish the list created by the Funding and Recognition committee in The Tartan and The Student Union before holding a meeting to ratify F&R?s recommendations. F&R Chair Merle Atkinson claimed that he had sent an e-mail to the leaders of several student organizations, which he felt fulfilled the intentions of the bylaws.

5 years ago

April 24, 2000

Carnegie Mellon celebrated Earth Day with a week of lectures and events. Among the events was a concert by the student trio Lis Harvey Band and the Yves Jean Band. President Cohon delivered a lecture on ?The Future of Environmental Education and Research.? The University also announced the establishment of the Carnegie Mellon Insitute for Survivable Systems. Furthermore, a tree was planted on the CFA lawn.

1 year ago

The Tartan did not print on this date one year ago.