Crime & Incident

Verbal Assault
2 September 2005 at

A female student reported that a panhandler on
Centre Avenue was verbally harassing and assaulting her. Campus police transferred the call to city police who addressed the panhandler. This is not the first conflict that the vagrant and the student have had.

Alcohol Amnesty
3 September 2005 at

An intoxicated 18-year-old female student vomited on a bus, and campus police came to her assistance outside of the University Center. Amnesty was granted to the student.

Intoxication, Theft
3 September 2005 at

An intoxicated underage student was found dragging a wooden sawhorse from a nearby construction site into Scobell House. Police were notified and the sawhorse was returned to its proper location.

Suspicious Person
6 September 2005 at

Three female students reported that a white man with a shaved head and no shirt driving a silver Honda Accord stopped them outside Doherty Apartments, claimed he was an employee of MTV, and asked the girls to streak for the camera. He stated he would return at four o?clock for the ?shoot.? The man was also reported at Chatham College, asking girls similar questions ? in the nude.

Vehicle Damage
6 September 2005 at
17:13 and 18:51

A Mercedes and a blue Acura were found by their owners inside the Tech Garage coated in cement as they were preparing to leave campus. Police are assuming the cement came from nearby construction.

Open Lewdness
6 September 2005 at

Two witnesses in Hunt Library reported a middle-aged black man masturbating in the stacks. The actor was stopped before leaving the library and the witnesses were called to the site to identify him. The man was taken to the station and processed by CM police. From there he was taken to the county jail.

7 September 2005 at

A student in Wean Hall reported that her wallet was stolen while she was making copies in a copy room. She stated that she laid her wallet next to the copy machine, bent over to flip a switch, and then noticed the wallet was gone only a short time later.