Did ya know?

50 years ago

September 20, 1955

There was a ?Big Pushball Contest? at the end of Orientation. The Tartan reported: ?This annual battle between the sophomores and the freshmen is of vital importance to all concerned; if the frosh win, they may legally doff their dinks. The sophomores then must wear the lowly dink as their admission ticket to the Frosh-Soph Hop....? I don?t know what a dink is, or what a doff is, but when I first read this I thought it might mean the first-years were getting naked. And I nearly fainted.

25 years ago

September 23, 1980

A comedy duo came to Skibo ballroom, receiving good responses from those in attendance. The duo ?set the mood of the evening early on with a bit about the ugliness of various members of the audience,? The Tartan wrote. One comedian was quoted as saying, ?Remember, one out of three people are ugly, so look to your left and your right, if they are all right, then it must be you.? The duo also did impressions of Charles Bronson, Bing Crosby, and Jimmy Stewart. The Tartan reported that each of these actors was in a ?new version of Reefer Madness.? All I know is, Reefer Madness was the only movie I?ve ever seen that was simultaneously boring and hilarious.

10 years ago

September 18, 1995

The state of certain diet colas was debated in The Tartan?s Forum section. One student complained, ?So I?m thinking that those ads ... about drinking Diet Coke ?just for the taste of it? should mean that stuff wouldn?t taste like regurgitated caramel syrup with four-year-old vanilla extract.? Judging by how many times people have tried to hand me a free Coca-Cola Zero this week, I?m thinking not much has changed in 10 years.

5 years ago

September 25, 2000

The Duke University president refused to ban Napster from use on Duke?s campus. The Tartan quoted Duke?s Assistant University Counsel as saying, ?Banning access to Napster ... would be an overbroad response to a specific problem and it would have the effect of foreclosing legitimate and lawful uses of Napster.? Oh, Napster, I miss you so much. Why did you leave me?

1 year ago

September 21, 2004

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $20 million to fund a new computer science building. It wasn?t as much as Tepper gave, but it was enough to make President Cohon give a hearty ?wooooo hoo,? according to unofficial sources. After making the donation, Bill Gates was seen fishing for small change to pay for a large pad thai at the trucks.