IM News


Intramural Director: Mike Mastroianni, x8-2214 or mma8@

Assistant Director: Mike Grzywinski, x8-2214 or immike@

Secretary: Amy Kiryk, x8-2053 or kiryk@

IM Board President: Jon Kline, jlkline@

Women?s President: Jaci Feinstein, jfeinste@

Important Dates

Monday, September 26 ? Water Polo starts in the UC Pool

Thursday, September 29 ? Rosters due for Soccer, Foosball, Volleyball, and Racquetball by 4:30 pm in the IM Office

Thursday, October 6 ? Rosters due for Team Call Pool, Doubles Table Tennis, and Darts due in the IM Office by 4:30 pm

Wednesday, October 12 ? IM Cross Country meet at 4:30 pm

Sports In Season

Flag Football ? The season is underway at the IM and Stadium fields. Schedules are available in the IM Office. Games are played Monday through Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. Please stay off the fields until varsity practices are completely over and the IM staff tells you it is okay to go on the field.

Co-Rec Volleyball ? The games have started. Schedules are available in the IM Office. There are three women on the court at all times. Games are played at the UC courts, 6:30?10:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.

Tennis ? Matches are now being played at the UC courts. Schedules are available in the IM Office. Please wait until the varsity team has completed practice. Wear approved athletic shoes and clean up your trash when you are done.

Water Polo ? Games will start tonight in the UC pool. Schedules are available in the IM Office. Please listen to all lifeguard instructions.

Bowling ? Matches started yesterday. Schedules are available at the IM Office. Report all scores to the IM Office no later than noon on the Tuesday after your match.

Tartan-Intramural Preseason
Football Poll

Majors ? 1. Beta Dynasty
2. Beta Peitra?s Posse 3. Beta
4. Dragonslayers

Intermediate ? 1. SPIRIT A Team 2. PiKA A 3. Theta Xi
4. KDR A

Minors ? 1. Green Monster
2. SPIRIT B 3. Team Hoss
4. KDR B 5. KUPC Predators

Women ? 1. Hoopers 2. SPIRIT Sister Soldiers 3. Kappa/Tri Delt

Women are allowed to participate on teams with men in all leagues. There are also women-only leagues in all sports except co-rec.

If you have any questions stop by the IM Office in Skibo Gym.