did you know

50 years ago
October 9, 1956

Students for Eisenhower assembled for their first meeting; topics of discussion included Ike’s upcoming visit to Pittsburgh. A signature scroll was passed among students and would serve as a birthday present to the commander-in-chief later that month. The present was a capital idea, but what the dickens was Ike going to do with it?

25 years ago
October 6, 1981

Students were encouraged to make noise in the Fifth Annual Powder Milk Mouth-Off on the variety show A Prairie Home Companion, broadcast by WQED-FM. Interested applicants could send a cassette tape of their favorite orally-created sound effect, and entries were limited to two and half minutes in length. I guess this means I couldn’t have submitted my two-hour vocal interpretation of 2000 flushes.

10 years ago
October 7, 1996

Dizzy Murphy was torn away from his Super Nintendo long enough this week to write the article Friday Night Doom, a weekly review of the latest in video games. He detailed Crusader: No Remorse, which he found to be a very addictive and entertaining game. It shows: Dizzy was entering his fifth year in Social and Decision Sciences. No rush, Dizzy; take your time.

5 years ago
October 8, 2001

Sleepy students studying late at night in Hunt Library were aroused by an unexpected stimulation. An unidentified male was peeking through the stacks, but that was not the only thing doing some peeking. His penis was showing. Apparently his attire was ripped and dirty in all the wrong, but oh so right, places. Maybe next time he’s allowed in the library, he should find a book on Australia and things that should stay down under.

1 year ago
October 10, 2005

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) continued to keep a close eye on Carnegie Mellon students’ downloading. Warning students not to share illegal music, the RIAA threatened to issue subpoenas to those in violation of the copyright code. Too bad the Kiltie Band can no longer have free access to “Bagpiping’s Best.”