dollar movie

Wednesday, 2/22
10, 12

Strangers on a Train

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s less well-known movies, Strangers on a Train is about two strangers... who meet on a train. And discuss killing people for each other. When a stranger offs Guy Haines’ wife, the stranger asks a favor in return. Will the innocent Haines bring himself to follow through with the devious deal? Find out, when strangers meet... on a train!

Thursday, 2/23
8, 10, 12

Young Adam

Ewan McGregor plays a frustrated writer who falls in love — except this time, he ain’t singin’. He is still attractive, though. He starts working on a river barge, and the barge workers find a dead woman floating in the river. Does McGregor know anything about it? Who cares? Let’s get naked! This film was rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content, which is probably why you didn’t see it the first time around. You should this time — it’s a pretty okay movie.

Friday, 2/24
7:30, 10, 12:30


What would a musical look like if you ported it directly to film? Rent ! With much of the original cast acting just like they did on Broadway, this film received mixed reviews. Personally, I thought the acting was awkward... a movie should be a movie. But I never saw the original. The singing was nice and enjoyable, and the story is all right. If you can get past the fact that Friday night is “Dollar Broadway Show” night, then go see this. And, of course, if you’re a fan of the original, you will like this movie — or at least say you did to sound cool in front of your artsy-music friends.

Saturday, 2/25
7:30, 10, 12:30


This is a movie about kids who find a mystical board game and start to play, when all of a sudden the board game becomes reality and starts really messing up their lives, but they can’t just stop playing because they have to finish the game to end the madness! Shyeah, more like Jumanji:  A Space Adventure. But there’s no copyright infringement here... it was written by the same guy. It is a kids’ movie, but it’s a well-done kids’ movie that banks on dreaming big, not fart jokes. Go see it if you’re feeling nostalgic or drunk.

Sunday, 2/26
10, 12:30

Dancer in the Dark

Björk in the Dark. The story of a young Eastern European single mother named Selma (played by Björk) who moves to America with her son with the hope of raising money to get an operation for him so he doesn’t go blind like she’s in the process of doing. And she has delusions about musicals that keep her happy. But in all seriousness, this is a good film, and your only chance to see Björk acting. She did the soundtrack, as well. It’s emotional. Don’t go see it if you’re already stressed out that Monday is tomorrow. Go see it if you like umlauts.