Steeltown erupts

Flipping cars on their sides and dangling from lampposts, students celebrated the Pittsburgh Steelers’ victory in Super Bowl XL last night.

Forbes Avenue was a sea of black and gold as a crowd of celebrators rushed toward the Cathedral of Learning, the center of the Oakland celebration. During the event, the crowd overturned a parked vehicle and climbed on top of it, shouting “Go Steelers!”

From the beginning of the event, arrests were made primarily by University of Pittsburgh police for offenses such as stolen traffic and parking signs. Meanwhile, a pack of mounted police stayed behind the riot barricade in case more serious offenses ensued.

Pittsburgh had been prepared for any riotous behavior since Friday. Targeted areas included the South Side, the North Side, and Oakland. Police helicopters kept Oakland in sight for the majority of last night. Furthermore, 12 extra corrections officers were placed on duty last night at the Allegheny County prison in case an influx of arrested individuals should occur, and police increased the expected riot zone.