Statistically speaking

United States troops currently remain in Iraq, and March 19 marked the three-year anniversary of U.S. involvement with military operations in Iraq. The issue still remains unresolved, however, as protests occurred throughout the past week in many major U.S. cities. Below are statistics examining the current situation of the war in Iraq:

Date Operation Iraqi Freedom ended: April 30, 2003

Number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq as of March 24, 2006: 2,316

Number of U.S. civilians killed in Iraq as of March 24, 2006: 7

Total participants in single largest anti-war protest, on February 15, 2003: 3 million

Number of cities worldwide protesting a possible war in Iraq on Feb. 15, 2003: 600

The total expected cost of the war in Iraq appropriated by U.S. congress by March 31, 2006: $251 billion