Presidential Perspectives

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Welcome (back) to a new year at Carnegie Mellon. Andrea and I are looking forward to the upcoming year. We’ve spent the summer on a variety of exciting projects.

First, we’ve redesigned our website,, and implemented a content management system that will enable us to have constantly updated information available to students.

Second, we surveyed the student body on 12 issues — the Dirty Dozen. These are the issues that always come up in our discussions with students. Hundreds of students have already filled out the survey; we thank everyone who has. Just from our preliminary readings, we’ve been able to produce great ideas for us to pursue over the coming year.

Third, we worked with the Athletic Department to create “Jazz Dance for Non-Majors,” a technique-based dance course to replace the course that was canceled within the drama school. The new course’s number is 69-176, and it is being held Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:50.

Traditionally, the student body president has used the “Presidential Perspectives” column as a way of connecting with campus to highlight the executive agenda; this year I’ll be expanding upon that tradition by allowing all of student government to utilize the column to reach the campus community.

Expect to hear from Student Senate, GSA, SDC, AB, etc. over the coming months.

Next week, you’ll also hear what we plan to work on for the upcoming year. While we only have one school year to make a difference, we have a lot in mind for the campus community. We hope you’ll be a part of our positive community change.

Welcome (back)!