Executive Privilege

... accept the principal challenge of making this newspaper your newspaper.

In just two short years, The Tartan has lifted itself from relative obscurity to national prominence. But we are far from the pinnacle of our performance. This is the beginning.

The media landscape is changing without pause, as technology allows content providers to be faster, more dynamic, and more responsive. There could be no better time to be in the newspaper industry. But across the country, college newspapers have yet to react; they stand idle, relics of another age.

At The Tartan, we believe that college newspapers can and must lead the way.

This year, as we celebrate our 100th birthday, we begin an ambitious project of renewal. Drawing upon the awe-inspiring innovation of the Carnegie Mellon community, we aim to create a media organization capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of our audience.

The Tartan is poised to deliver, so I invite you to expect the world from us. We have full intentions of pushing the envelope on every front. We will find the stories that matter to you. We will bring more bright, beautiful images to your eyes. We will explore new mediums for conveying information. We will bring down the barrier between paper and pixel. We will find new revenue sources to minimize our dependence on the student activities fee. We will transcend the mold of the traditional college newspaper.

We will make this newspaper your newspaper.