did you know?

100 years ago:
January 23, 1907

Margaret Morrison students formed "The Perambulation Club" this week, which suggested that students “walk leisurely.” The club's members aimed at increasing the amount of fresh air their peers take in, hoping to instill in the campus better posture and a reduced amount of grouchiness. In a preview of other organizations springing up next week, students are also encouraged to join the “Crab Walking Club” and the “Waddle like a Duck Club” in order to relieve stress.

50 years ago:
January 15, 1957

“The Little Man on Campus," a cartoon by Dick Bibler, depicted a frenzied bunch of well-dressed lads anxiously awaiting their turns in the “Pay Fees Here” line. Amid the crumples of papers clutched by students in line, labels such as: “board fee," "tuition fee," "dorm fee," "union bill," "annual fee," and "book fee" can be seen. A particularly frantic-looking teen in sportswear and a sweater forks over a chunk of cash to the window attendant while sweating profusely; at his feet lies a fallen note inscribed eloquently with the all-too-familiar reminder: “Write home for money.”

25 years ago:
January 19, 1982

The Tartan advertised for the annual Phonathon, held twice a month during January and February. During this event, students call alumni in search of donations. Perks for attending include free pizza and a prize for the top salesperson. The downsides, however, include listening to the same operator every time you dial the wrong number, sore ears and fingers, and calling a Carnegie Mellon alumnus in the middle of a job search.

10 years ago:
January 20, 1997

Campus Police were busy this week handling petty thefts among the food vendors. In the majority of cases, the register exteriors were not tampered with, so one of the 23 possible keys was presumed to have been used. The most notable of the cash-register robberies took place at Si Señor where $30 in quarters was found missing. In related news, the arcade's profit increased a hundred fold, with a proud Carnegie Mellon food service person holding the high score.

5 years ago:
January 21, 2001

With meal plan dissatisfaction rates hovering at 70 percent, Housing and Dining Services decided to make a few changes, most notably adding an all-you-can-eat option at Schatz Dining Hall. After a short period, this was later changed to “all-you-care-to-eat," due to health concerns about overeating. Concerning recent food trends, the cafeteria is still experimenting with names, such as “all-you-can-stand-to-eat” and "all-you-can-eat-before-you-give-up-and-order-a-pizza.”

One year ago:
January 23, 2006

A report was filed about a suspicious man loitering at Hamburg Hall. Wearing a Canadian tuxedo (jeans and jean jacket), the man in question hid behind a door and claimed he was looking for “Dr. Hamburg.” Whether this curious scenario was a result of dementia brought on by a fashion faux pas or just a strange coincidence was never determined. If Dr. Hamburg does in fact exist, we at Did You Know would like some Dr. Fries with that.