Compubookie declares his Buggy predictions

Editor’s Note: Compubookie is a highly sophisticated betting robot that has been predicting Buggy results since 1974. He is in no way affiliated with the Tartan sports staff. We just print this stuff.

Buggy Predictions


  1. SDC A
  2. PiKA A
  3. Fringe A
  4. Sig Nu A
  6. PiKA B
  7. Beta A
  8. Fringe B
  9. SDC B
  10. KDR A


  1. PiKA A
  2. SDC A
  3. Fringe A
  5. Beta A
  6. Sig Nu A

The Field

SDC: If you can fix your transitions, you might find the trophy at the end of the rainbow.

Fringe: Races are in the morning. What’s the point of making your new wheels glow-in-the-dark?

SPIRIT: You’re a shadow of your former selves.

Sig Nu: The king of spades doesn’t beat the ace.

AEPi: Was your new buggy built by the 5-year-olds who finger-painted it?

PiKA: Your A-team buggy must be really fast, because we haven’t seen it at the finish line this year.

CIA: Drag Force =–(1/2)pv2ACd ... aerodynamics?

Pioneers: Your buggy drowned fording the river.

Phi Kap: “Sweepstakes, this is the last year we will be doing this. It’s not you, it’s me.”

KDR: Mel Brooks said it best: “She’s switched from suck to blow.”

Sig Ep: Can a balanced man balance both Booth and Buggy?

Beta: So easy a caveman can do it.

This is not the year for setting records. Once again we see the unavoidable affects of bad weather and a deteriorating course.
On race day, expect to see inexperienced drivers and unperfected lines.

Pushers as well as drivers will have to bear the weather on race day. With cold temperatures that haven’t been seen this late in years, blame global warming and not push teams for slower times.

Looking to the women’s races: With respectable teams coming out from KDR, Fringe, and Beta, the race still comes down to two teams.
With a near win last year, expect the veteran push team of SDC A to be fast this year. However, odds are still with PiKA’s women. Along with very experienced pushers, PiKA’s depth of technology will ensure a win.

Moving on to the men: Don’t expect the one-horse race we saw last year. This year there are three strong teams, which will result in one of the most interesting races in recent history. Fringe appears to be tapping all of its technological resources, proving they realized that you can’t teach an old wheel new tricks.

Even with a push team to keep it interesting, Fringe is going to learn what it feels like to lose to another independent.

If it’s good to finish a streak on top, PiKA did just that last year.

Last year, despite PiKA’s one-two finish and men’s B course record, SDC A will be the team to watch this year. I bet the fog isn’t the only reason that PiKA’s A team buggy from last year wasn’t finishing the course at rolls. My dark horse pick rests with SDC. SDC has been lurking in the shadows, but finally their team has caught up to their technology. With pushers giving SDC the advantage, transitions are the only thing that can keep them away from the trophy this year.

As far as the other races go, expect good runs from Sig Nu and SPIRIT. Sig Nu’s pushers are keeping them competitive, and consistent technology will keep them in the top five. With potholes that could blow a car tire, SPIRIT should tread lightly. Assuming no mishaps, look for them to round out the top five.

Despite the poor weather and craters in the road, don’t expect the excitement of the race to diminish in any way. With three teams making this a race, expect conditions to affect times but not the competition.

New spectators will be spoiled with a close contest this year, something that most people haven’t been lucky enough to see in recent history. This year we will see strong finishes from experienced teams, despite the lack of free rolls this semester. Look for problems from teams that could have used the benefit of rolls.

Best of luck to all the teams. And as for race day, I’ll see you out there, but will you see me?