Evgefstos! dishes out delicious veggie eats

Over the past couple of years, the restaurants on campus have had a turnover rate roughly equal to the doctors on ER. Good eats like Si Señor and Sushi Two have moved from location to location, while old favorites like The Original Hot Dog Shop disappeared from campus altogether. While frequent changes in Carnegie Mellon’s on-campus dining facilities may leave some students missing the greasy goodness of the ‘O’ or wandering around campus in search of California rolls, the many changes made by Housing and Dining Services in the recent past indicate that Carnegie Mellon is making a real effort to listen to its students.

Vegan and vegetarian dining options had been sparse in the past. Before this year, the average campus eatery featured only a couple of vegan and vegetarian options — options that were almost all some variation on “grilled” vegetables on bread. This year, Housing and Dining Services has finally introduced a new on-campus restaurant called Evgefstos! that has a full menu of both vegan and vegetarian options that break out of the boring veggies-on-bread standard.

Evgefstos!, which is located in the University Center Marketplace (on the second floor), features dishes inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine. With a menu that includes fresh spinach dip, four-cheese macaroni, and delicious pizzas, Evgefstos! has quickly become a favorite of herbivores and omnivores alike.

The benefits of the addition of an all-vegan and vegetarian restaurant on campus are obvious: The significant veg-head portion of the Carnegie Mellon student population can now enjoy campus dining as much as meat-eaters. What’s even more impressive is that the dishes are so varied and imaginative so as to attract even those students who would normally scoff at the idea of vegetarian food.

Housing and Dining Services has been working very hard to accommodate student needs in campus dining, and they deserve a soy sundae for not only acknowledging the long-neglected needs of vegans and vegetarians, but creating a high-quality menu that elevates the standard of food on campus. Now, if we could only pronounce the name of the restaurant.