Lights on!

If you were on campus at night during the past couple of weeks, then you probably noticed how pleasant it was to take an evening stroll past the University Center and Purnell.

Alternating columns of red, blue, green, and yellow light illuminated the pillars along those buildings after dark. The result — the university made it known to the entire community that we were Tartan plaid and proud.

If you’re new to this campus, then you might have been disappointed to see that the lights were taken down, turning what was a festive, school spirited version of the Cut into a dark and unwelcoming lawn zigzagged by a few poorly-lit sidewalks — aside from a few spotlights illuminating “Walking to the Sky,” of course. We say keep the campus pretty. Leave the lights on.

You won’t have to miss those lights for much longer. The university typically erects the lights around Homecoming time, in a clear effort to beautify the campus for the hordes of alumni who flock to the university. Afterward, the lights are taken down again and we’re left in the dark.

Making campus more attractive at night may be at the bottom of your list of worries, with the stress of classes, homework, and friends. But you might be more apt to head to the library to pull off that all-nighter if you had something pretty to look at.

The university has done a commendable job of making the campus a great environment during the day. Many students seek refuge from the sun under large shady trees, or relax in the peace garden, or even take a stroll through the Kraus Campo. Let’s keep that feeling going around the clock by keeping the lights on.