Did you know?

100 years ago
September 25, 1907

A note announces the results of the senior class elections for president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. But younger students start a tradition; another article reads, “The junior class held a meeting for the election of semester officers last Thursday. The following men were elected: President, Luther Bardick Weidlein, Kansas City, Kansas; Vice President: —; Secretary: —; Treasurer: —.” Guess they called for a recount.

50 years ago
September 24, 1957

A Tartan article announces a dance that will wrap up first-year orientation. It reads, “As a fitting close to orientation, freshmen and sophomores will dance to the music of Jack Purcell at the Frosh-Soph Hop.” I wonder if they brought their umb-er-ellas.

25 years ago
September 21, 1982

A large ad reads, “Happy Birthday Monica — From your friends on The Tartan staff.” Must have been a slow week for content.

10 years ago
September 22, 1997

An article about the construction of the University Center and the Purnell Center for the Arts applauds the project’s return to the original style of on-campus buildings, arguing that the style of architecture reflects campus culture. What does that say about those who frequent dark, dreary Wean Hall?

5 years ago
September 23, 2002

A Crime and Incident report finally explains why it takes 45 minutes for University Police to help students who are locked out of their rooms — they’re busy responding to complaints like the following: raw eggs and ice cream in a Morewood stairwell. Clearly, splattered groceries present a much greater emergency than shivering, towel-clad first-years, no matter how late they are for physics.

1 year ago
September 25, 2006

A Forum article commends the Madrid regional government’s enforcement of a minimum BMI for all models working the catwalk at Madrid’s fashion week. This action came in the wake of a Uruguayan model’s death of heart failure after living off of nothing but greens and Diet Coke. According to the article, that sort of diet is “no better than a McFood regimen of Big Macs and milk shakes — only in this case, we call it beautiful.” I call it finals week.