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Hillary Clinton does not represent real women

What role should physical traits, namely color and gender, and the latter’s more subjective counterpart, sexuality, play in the upcoming election?

Teen queens and Internet TV: The real staying power of Gossip Girl

Every fall brings an onslaught of new shows. The CW’s Gossip Girl is what some people are calling the new The O.C.

Can I take out a restraining order against my own school?

I would really, super-duper, extra-specially-with-a-cherry-on-top appreciate it if you folks at the Office of Annual Giving would get off my back.

Letter to the Editor

The article "All Senate positions filled" claimed, "For the first time in seven years, Carnegie Mellon's Student Senate is full." This is false.

Dr. King’s legacy is not up for grabs

In this year’s Presidential primaries, the politics of identity is ubiquitous.

Odyssey should look past QPAs

From Jan. 10 through 12, 75 carefully-selected sophomores participated in Odyssey. But what about those who were not involved?

The Constitution - and its guards - should protect, not punish

At a viewing of the Constitution, multiple visitors from the Impeachment March were told to leave because of the clothing they were wearing.

Presidential Perspectives

Hey, Tartans. Since you’re reading this a week into classes, let me be pretty much the last one to welcome you back from break!

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