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Speedy Delivery

In tribute to Mr. McFeely’s TV role and his continued appearances in character, Carnegie Mellon graduates have created a documentary of his life.

A night at the opera

The Consul, performed last week by the School of Music, provided an excellent opportunity to enjoy a night at the opera without even leaving campus.

Retrospectif: Five Hundred Sixty Two

The art gallery at moxie DaDA exhibited art from Toby Atticus Fraley and Mr. Hooper in an exhibit called Retrospectif: Five Hundred Sixty Two.

The deal with Oscar nominations

In the days leading up to the release of the Oscar nominations for the 80th annual ceremony, no nominee was certain.

Proof comes to a close

Caleb Charland creates photography exhibit using ordinary objects.

A ‘Sly’ return

“When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing.” Never before has this statement been proven with the intensity shown in Rambo.

From burritos to margaritas

For all those fans of Si Señor, be informed: There is another alliterative Tex-Mex joint in town.

Always a bridesmaid...

Boy meets girl, girl rejects boy, boy secretly writes newspaper article about girl, boy and girl get trashed and sing “Bennie and the Jets” at a bar.


The process of writing about music is harder than most people realize.

Dollar Movie

This week’s selection of cheap movies, including Jeffrey Blitz’s Rocket Science.

Did You Know?

100 years ago January 29, 1908 The Carnegie Tech Mining Club kicked off the semester with its first meeting. According to a Tartan article, “a delightful...

Everything you need to know

Advice on what to do about your roommate's hairy boyfriend and your low self-esteem.


This week's listing of events.

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