Tartan Q & A

What is the sexiest Thanksgiving food, and why?
Gravy, of course. You can lick it up if it drips. — KM
Turkey because I’m Turkish. — CD
Mac and cheese — it’s the kinda food that gets you satisfied... Every. Single. Time. — AJ
Turkey! I could say something about the legs, but that’s a little tacky... — SW
Turducken! Who couldn’t love the tri-meat trifecta? — JD

What food do you enjoy that others may find disgusting/odd?
I enjoy dipping bell peppers into hot sauce and eating it. — IK
Seitan (wheat gluten meat analog)... or turnip cakes. — CP
I used to love eating raw squid dipped in chili paste: so good! — AJ

What is, hands down, THE greatest place to eat out?
Carmine’s in NYC. — SW
Friday’s... to savor the Jack Daniel’s (sauce, that is). — KM
Girasole, Shadyside — great (window) shopping, amazing food! — CM

If you were on a deserted island, what food would you choose to have a never ending supply of?
Nutella and whole wheat bread. — SW
Does seafood count? — CM
Watermelon. Delicious, nutritious, and hydratious. — CL

If you were a food item, what would you be and why?
Tofu. It’s all-natural, slightly mysterious and fear-inducing, and can be cooked to take on any flavor. — CP
A mango... tough skin, and soft and sweet on the inside. — KM
Apple pie — because it’s hot, sweet, and tasty. — AB
Bacon because it’s striped. — JD

What’s the oddest food you’ve ever tried to eat with chopsticks?
Korean Jell-O. — AJ
Chocolate-chip cookies. — IK
Chocolate crepes. — CM
Cornbread pancakes. It was worth it. — CP

What food do you most enjoy throwing at a target? Raisins. — JL
Half-boiled pasta. — CD
Popcorn. It’s a classic. — JK

Name the greatest kind of pie.
Tie between pecan and sweet potato. — AJ
Berry. — CL
Boston Creme. — IK

What food have you never had, but are absolutely dying to try?
Japanese puffer fish! And I might die trying. — CM
Monkey brain. — CD