Did you know?

100 years ago
Feb. 26, 1908

The Tartan prepares for its annual Junior Promenade (so that’s where the word “prom” comes from). With all the enthusiasm over the expected attendants, be happy that you’re living in the 21st century. The article mentions that Mr. and Mrs. Pete Adams will attend, along with Dot Felkel. The paper also asks why Dr. James isn’t coming. Maybe Dot Felkel broke his heart.

50 years ago
Feb. 25, 1958

Carnegie Tech ends its winning streak in a game against the Pitt Panthers. The ever-consoling Tartan proclaims that the Tech offense couldn’t move well without the presence of first-year Bill Soffa, a star player, thus accounting for losing to Pitt. If I were a ’50s writer for the Tartan, I would entitle the article “Soffa From Victory.”

25 years ago
Feb. 22, 1983

After a period of debate, the 1983 final exam schedule is released. After a heartfelt student editorial calling for more reading days, the faculty buckles down and agrees to give students Thursday and Friday to read up for their tests. I guess that students were having a tough time in their “Reaganomics” and “Blinding People with Science” classes.

10 years ago
Feb. 23, 1998

After a year and a half of searching, Carnegie Mellon finally finds a new head librarian, Dr. Gloriana St. Clair. The librarian’s main concerns are to establish an electronic library system and to resolve space issues in Hunt. Whether there is more space in Hunt is debatable, but the new sleeping pods at least give more places to space out.

5 years ago
Feb. 24, 2003

A Tartan writer, still shocked and in disbelief from Carnegie Mellon’s snow day last week, asks students how they spent their time during the monumental occasion. Responses were varied; one student said he drank until 4 a.m., while another said he used the time to finish his programming assignment. My guess is that most students fell in the middle somewhere, drinking until 2 a.m. and finishing half of their assignments.

1 year ago
Feb. 26, 2007

Smoking, the issue that just won’t quit, makes it into Tartan headlines yet again. Talk of a campus-wide smoking ban is snuffed out, as 52 percent of students voted against the proposal that would ban smoking on campus by 2010. Still, the administration succeeded in pulling cigarettes from Entropy last September. Now students have to walk to the 7-Eleven at Pitt, which means exercising their lungs before destroying them.