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Hey Tartans,

This week, I have a pretty interesting initiative to share with you that has the potential to reshape the way organizations on our campus communicate with both each other and the general student body.

This initiative comes in the form of a web application developed by Perry Servedio, a friend of ours who served as last year’s public relations chairman on Pitt’s Student Government Board. He noticed that there was a problem in the way student groups at Pitt communicated event information and other announcements: Lots of valuable information was getting lost in the communication grapevine, which left a lot of students uninformed about campus events. Recognizing the Internet to be a powerful tool for communication, Perry constructed the University Press Release Newswire.

The newswire enables student organizations to post a summary of important events that they have scheduled. This information is then conveyed to subscribers of that organization’s newswire. That way, the organization can target specific people, and students are not overloaded with information they don’t want.

Our student government is currently in the formative stages of adopting our own newswire. We’ll be the second school to use it and hopefully one of the pioneers in implementing new communication methods on college campuses. The campus should see the newswire in full swing around the middle of next year, as we’re currently working on adapting it to fit for our campus’s needs.

Beyond that, these final weeks of our term seem to have Adi and myself working on more longterm projects. These include building up cmuTV by giving the organization a studio of its own so that it can produce new content without having to struggle through hours of unnecessary labor for every minute of content produced. We feel that cmuTV could be a central source of information for the Carnegie Mellon community if it is able to follow a proper developmental path. As infrastructure is currently the biggest obstacle, we aim to alleviate that problem. Of course, one of the bigger challenges that our campus organizations face is a lack of space, so the process may not be an easy one.

Hopefully, this column has kept you up to date with everything coming out of our student government this year. As usual, if you’d like to know anything, contribute any knowledge you think we’re lacking, or just chat, e-mail us at