Statistically Speaking

In three days, booths, buggies, concerts, and comedians will take over Midway, the Cut, Schenley Park, and all around campus as Spring Carnival 2008 takes the stage. The celebration of Carnival has a long history at the university. It began back in 1914 as “May Day,” a one-day event celebrating school spirit, and has expanded to become all that it is today. Here is a look at the history of Carnival:

First year a multi-day Sweepstakes competition was held: 1926

Year that Carnival became the celebration’s official name: 1930

First year Scotch ’n’ Soda began performing during Carnival: 1938

Only year Carnival was ever canceled, due to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death: 1945

First year a booth competition was held on Midway: 1955

First time a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, entered Sweepstakes: 2004

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