Did You Know?

100 years ago
April 22, 1908

The word “nifty” is used to describe Stoebner’s, a shoe store, in an ad about the “New Pump, the show for young men — two holes — short vamps in Tan Dull and Patent.” No, I can’t understand what they’re saying either.

50 years ago
April 15, 1958

In the “Letters to the Editor” section, a student suggests Buggy seminars to teach students how buggies work. Safety measures and course maps will be discussed. It’s a good thing too after last year’s travesty, when several organizations took a wrong turn into Pitt’s campus, while others pushers carried scissors while running.

25 years ago
April 12, 1983

The Spring Carnival Committee announces its “Most Adventurous Costume” contest. Any Carnegie Mellon student is eligible to participate and must submit his or her design before opening ceremonies. It seems to me that the most adventurous costume would be no costume at all — I wonder if people had to wear the costume on campus to be eligible to win the contest.

10 years ago
April 13, 1998

Carnegie Mellon staff and faculty participate in the Campus Celebrities talent show. One mathematics professor shows off his talent on the piano, while another reads fiction to students. Maybe the better idea would have been an untalent show. Carnegie Mellon students are tired of seeing talent. It’s time to watch someone fumble with tying their shoes.

5 years ago
April 14, 2003

A editorial writer for The Tartan reflects on his freedoms during “Beers Day,” the anniversary of the day Prohibition was overturned. Most of the article addresses how Americans should be proud of their freedom to drink. Around the end, the article addresses how alcohol “is liek the coolest” and “we realy shuold atke more teim to celebrte our librties.”

1 year ago
April 16, 2007

Carnegie Mellon proudly announces the addition of a linguistics major. Classes range from upper-level courses, such as 11-721 Grammars and Lexicons, to lower-level courses, such as 80-180 The Nature of Language, to what-the-hell-are-you-doing-at-Carnegie-Mellon classes, such as 00-001 Hooked on Phonics.