Being an integral part of Carnegie Mellon’s nationally ranked (number 17) men’s tennis team, first-year Alex Nemerov had a strong showing in this weekend’s Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) tournament in Gambier, Ohio. The team took the championship by defeating Kenyon College, which was ranked seventh in the country.

As a recipient of the University Athletic Association (UAA) Athlete of the Week honor, Nemerov shows signs of a promising future in his athletic career at Carnegie Mellon.
Demonstrating his more comedic side, Nemerov chatted with The Tartan last week about his thoughts on Carnegie Mellon, athletics, and other miscellaneous categories.

The Tartan: What was your main reason for deciding to come to school at Carnegie Mellon?
Alex Nemerov: For the good-looking girls in the engineering program.

T: Where would you like your academic experience at Carnegie Mellon to take you for a career?
N: I want to be like Lester Burnham in American Beauty because he has the best life ever.

T: Was tennis always your favorite sport to play growing up? What is your most memorable tennis experience?
N: Yes, tennis has always been my favorite sport. Saturday was memorable for me when we beat Kenyon.

T: Who would you pick to play in an ultimate doubles match with you?
M: Amy Staloch because she is amazing.

T: What are some goals you have for finishing out the season or looking toward next season?
N: I hope we can get to the finals of UAAs and win a couple of rounds at NCAAs. With the way we have been playing recently, I feel we can definitely accomplish this.

T: What is your favorite movie and why? Do you have a favorite movie about tennis (or another sport)?
N: Glitter, because it shows me that anyone can be an actor. And my favorite sports movie is definitely Caddyshack. Bill Murray’s hilarious in it.

T: As a first-year, what aspect of academics at Carnegie Mellon do you think is the most positive?
N: Learning about protons.

Nemerov and his teammates next compete April 25-27 in the UAA championships at Emory University in Atlanta.