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Joel Primack delivers annual Buhl Lecture at Carnegie Mellon

Joel Primack of the University of California at Santa Cruz delivered this year's Buhl Lecture, titled "A Brief History of Dark Matter."

Associate department head of biological sciences receives Julius Ashkin Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Amy Burkert was awarded the prestigious Julius Ashkin Award, which recognizes dedication in teaching undergraduates.

Carnegie Mellon professors work with Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Carnegie Mellon is a part of Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine, aimed at developing wound healing therapies for soldiers.

Findings: The 'Simple Theory of Everything'

“An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything," unites the four fundamental forces of nature.

How Things Work: Cryonics

Cryonics enables bodies to be preserved for many years in temperatures low enough to stop cellular metabolism.

Health Talk: Pica

Learn about a peculiar disorder which caused a man to eat an entire aircraft.

SciTech Briefs

Recent findings suggest that T. Rex was more closely related to chickens than to alligators.


A contaminant in Heparin has been responsible for a number of recent deaths.

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