Lecture Preview

Title: Distinguished Lecture Series in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy — “Benchmarking the Real Pittsburgh”

The Basics: John G. Craig Jr., former editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Paul O’Neill Sr., former secretary of the treasury and CEO of Alcoa, will discuss the importance of collecting data for the development of public policy. Carnegie Mellon professor of civil and environmental engineering Cliff Davidson will act as the discussion moderator.

This lecture is sponsored by Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Inc. and the Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research at Carnegie Mellon.

When: Today at 4:30 p.m.

Where: Adamson Wing, Baker Hall 136A

Title: Department of Modern Languages Lecture Series — “The Impact of Globalization on Mexican Workers: Solidarity without Borders”

The Basics: Benedicto Martínez Orozco, a leader in the independent trade union movement in Mexico, will be speaking on the movement. As co-president of the Frente Auténtico Del Trabajo (the Authentic Labor Front) and vice president of the independent labor federation, the Union Nacional de Trabajadores (the National Workers’ Union), Orozco has played a key role in the organization of Mexican workers. Orozco’s lecture will focus on the effect that the North Atlantic Free Trade Association has played on Mexican side of the border, in addition to cross-border relations. Orozco will talk specifically on the effects of the agreement in the past decade and the consequences of an increasingly globalized economy.

When: Today at 4:30 p.m.

Where: Dowd Room, University Center

Title: Engineering and Public Policy Lecture Series — “Practicing Economics for Congress and the White House”

The Basics: Scott Farrow, former Chief Economist of the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) and Associate Director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, will talk about the recent work of the GAO in Washington D.C. GAO projects include studies on the wholesale price of gasoline, flood damage analysis done in collaboration with the Army Corps of Engineers, and homeland security issues. Farrow will also speak on the specific role of Ph.D. analysts in the organization, the GAO structure, and the challenge to remain neutral despite an often partisan atmosphere.

Also an adjunct professor in engineering and public policy and chair of the economics department at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Farrow has been part of the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pennsylvania State University.

When: Thursday at noon

Where: Baker Hall 129

Title: University Lecture Series — “Israel at 60: Midlife Crisis or Entering its Golden Years?”

The Basics: Yossi Olmert, a journalist and Middle East scholar, will speak about the current political situation in Israel.

Olmert will speak on interpreting Israel’s progress at this time. Topics to be covered include the common view that Israel is in turmoil, and the advances Israel has made in the past few decades. According to Olmert, the Israel of today has improved incredibly from the country it was 60 years ago.

When: Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Where: Adamson Wing, 136A Baker Hall