Did you know?

50 years ago
Sept. 23, 1959

Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschchev drops in to Carnegie Tech as part of his 13-day tour around the United States. Standing through the moon roof of a student's car as he was driven around campus, Khruschchev probably enjoyed some of the excitement that he missed from being denied a trip to Disneyland.

25 years ago
Sept. 12, 1984

An article on the new, computerized version of the card catalog features a photo of a student seemingly baffled by the new terminals. Apparently, the student had yet to attend one of over a dozen 45-minute long training sessions that would educate him on how to educate himself.

10 years ago
Aug. 30, 1999

A Forum article discusses the changes on the Greek quad, including moving out a fraternity and moving in special interest housing for first-years. The writer is angry about rumors that the university will abolish all Greek organizations, and insists that fraternities and first-years can co-exist.

5 years ago
Sept. 7, 2004

A new dining plan requiring students to purchase meals in pre-determined blocks causes many students to speak out against the plan. Previous plans had associated money values to blocks, but with the new plan, students were required to purchase full meals and could no longer spend their blocks on cookies and soda.

1 year ago
Aug. 25, 2008

In this week's A Person's Opinion, we asked people what their favorite grade in school or year of college was. One response cited preschool as the best time because "we had crushes on our teachers." One graduate student said seventh grade because "I had lots of friends and liked school more."