Squirrel Hill offers up Asian delicacies

It’s the end of the semester and free time is scarce. While studying for finals, getting final portfolios done, and finishing those term papers, it is important to make the most of that free time by relaxing and there is no better way to do that than by heading up to Squirrel Hill and visiting some of Pittsburgh’s best Asian restaurants. Silk Elephant and Sun Penang both offer a different taste of Asian cuisine.

Silk Elephant is the newest restaurant opened by the chef of Bangkok Balcony. Billed as a tapas and wine bar, there are many surprises that make customers feel as if they are in rural Thailand. The decor creates a welcoming atmosphere that finishes the Asian dynamic of the meal. Tapas are the most popular dishes on the menu.

The corn fritters, a customer favorite, are made of lightly fried corn and complemented by a sweet chili sauce. Moo and Goong steamed dumplings are another excellent choice, as they are full of flavor and texture. On the main menu, the Pad See Ew is an excellent dish for a group to share. This restaurant is definitely worth a try. It has a relaxing experience, the service is attentive, and the food comes out of the kitchen fairly quickly. All in all, Silk Elephant is a unique dining experience in Squirrel Hill that provides authentic Thai cuisine.

Sun Penang is a quiet restaurant located in the commercial section of Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill. The restaurant is comfortable and dark, allowing the customer to escape the dreary Pittsburgh weather. Inspired by Malaysian cooking, the menu is long and extensive. Penang Char Kway Teow is their best dish; this noodle medley combines various seafood- and vegetable-based dishes with a slight kick of spice. When dining at Sun Penang, customers should make sure to order their homemade iced tea. Sun Penang offers a very solid and rejuvanating meal.

Both of these restaurants bring a different taste of Asian cuisine to Squirrel Hill. Since it is only a short bus ride up Forbes from campus, these places make for the perfect escape from the third floor of Hunt library.