Student Senate promises to focus on transparency

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While I agree with several of the criticisms in last week’s editorial regarding Senate Week, there are a couple I would like to respond to.
I do believe that Senate Week was actually quite effective at getting Senate’s name out to the campus community in a meaningful way.

While the posters did not contain substantive information about what we did, our intent was to inform our constituents about who we are and what we do through one-on-one interactions that took place at the events during the week.

From my personal experience and the experience of other Senators, I think that we did have meaningful interactions, and I do think that awareness of who Senators are and what Senators do increased significantly as a result of our efforts.

With that being said, I agree that there is a lot of work for us to do in terms of PR, and we are not yet at a satisfactory place.

Ensuring that we are both more transparent and available to our constituents is something that we are going to be focusing on throughout the rest of the semester. I think that The Tartan will be a valuable resource for helping us do so, as I know we are already planning on sharing more information about our meetings with readers through a weekly column.

I would appreciate hearing further feedback from Tartan members and students in general, and I can be contacted at