Morewood Gardens

Credit: Courtney Wittekind/Contributing Editor Credit: Courtney Wittekind/Contributing Editor


Location: Corner of Forbes Avenue and Morewood Avenue

Style(s) of housing: Prime singles, prime doubles, prime triples; one six-person and one 10-person suite reserved for Special-Interest Housing

Size: 455 residents

Building retention: Yes

Kitchens: Three, one each on the second, fourth, and sixth floors

Lounges: Two lounges per floor

Other amenities: TV room, quiet study lounge, computer cluster, workout facility, recreation room, and two laundry facilities at opposite ends of the building

While students of most residences have to pull on their shoes and head to campus to find a hot meal or a working printer, Morewood Gardens residents need not leave the premises. Fully equipped with a computer cluster, a source of convenient (albeit greasy) food at The Underground, large laundry rooms, and a gym, this dorm is completely self-sufficient. And what’s more, it’s smack at the corner of Morewood and Forbes avenues, only a couple of steps away from campus.

The dorm’s proximity to campus gives it a significant edge over other residential areas. This factor maximizes your sleep time before early classes and also allows you to sprint back for your homework when you realize you’ve left it in your room. While both Stever and Mudge Houses are located on Morewood Avenue, both house only first-year students, making Morewood the only choice for students who want to live in this area.

Morewood’s plentiful lounges, including a few on each floor in addition to the larger study rooms and TV lounge on the first floor, allow for frequent group gatherings. While this is a positive attribute for more social students, it means that several rooms on each floor are likely to experience more frequent noise disturbances throughout the day and night.

When choosing a room in Morewood, it’s hit-or-miss. Some rooms are spacious and quiet, and others are small and loud. It’s the luck of the draw, and sometimes you lose. Try to plan out which rooms look best from the floor plans online, and try to visit a room before committing. This will give you a good idea of what you’re getting.

Morewood Gardens could be a great place to live, but before deciding to move in, check out the rooms ahead of time and ask the current residents about the noise situation, as some rooms are better than others.